A quantitative ETF strategy that seeks to provide balanced returns with less risk relative to the benchmark by tactically allocating to equities, fixed income and cash.

  • Utilizes 4 proprietary quantitative models that each control 25% of the portfolio.
  • The models are tailored to the different characteristics of the fixed income and equity markets.
  • Maximum Allocations:
    • Equities– 75%
    • Fixed Income– 50%
    • Cash –100%

Braver Tactical High Income is a quantitative strategy seeking to outperform the BofA Merrill Lynch High Yield Master II index with less volatility and lower risk.

  • Seeks to control risk in downward trending High Income markets by tactically moving to cash when our proprietary model dictates.
  • Seeks income generation and the opportunity for capital appreciation associated with the High Income asset class.
  • Our model tactically allocates between either high income securities utilizing ETFs or Mutual Funds and the protection of Cash through Money Market securities.
  • Maximum Allocations:
    • High Income Bonds – 100%
    • Cash – 100%

A quantitative, concentrated equity sector strategy seeking to outperform the S&P 500.

  • Our proprietary algorithm ranks 16 equity sectors and sub-sectors based on price trend and momentum factors.  
  • Allocates capital to a maximum of eight ranked sectors on a monthly basis.
  • Fully Invested Maximum Allocations:
    • 8 Equity Sectors – 12.5% Each

A multi-algorithm strategy that analyzes 66 different asset classes including cash.

  • The strategy is composed of three proprietary models – a U.S. sector rotation model, international model, and a global asset allocation model.
  • Models allocate across a wide spectrum of global asset classes.
  • Maximum Allocations:
    • Equities - 100%
    • Fixed Income - 100%
    • Cash - 100%


A quantitative multi-model strategy seeking to provide long term capital appreciation with a focus on risk control.

  • Currently employs more than 10 independent, proprietary models to allocate across domestic equity and fixed income asset classes or cash.
  • No leverage, derivatives or shorting.
  • Each model controls up to 25% of the portfolio – monitored daily.
  • Maximum Allocations:
    • Equities – 100%
    • Fixed Income – 20%
    • Cash – 100%