A fully invested Modern Portfolio Theory strategy seeking to control risk through prudent diversification.

  • Portfolios are diversified with global stocks, global bonds, commodities, and alternative assets.
  • Strategy attempts to reduce risk through diversification by including asset classes and market segments with low correlations in varying proportions.
  • Portfolios will hold 10-20 exchange traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds and are managed in growth (~80% equities), moderate (~60% equities), and conservative (~40% equities) risk profile disciplines.
  • Portfolio Management team will overweight and underweight long term strategic targets based on underlying fundamental research and top down macro-economic factors.

Asset Allocations

  • Asset Allocation– Growth
  • Asset Allocation – Moderate
  • Asset Allocation – Conservative


A bottom up fundamental individual equity strategy relying on security selection and a concentrated portfolio to generate income. 

  • Seeks to provide above average income relative to the S&P 500 that grows over time.
  • Portfolio managers look to invest in high quality, dividend paying equities trading at reasonable valuations.
  • Portfolio managers will look to overweight and underweight sectors based on fundamental outlook.
  • Portfolio is concentrated to the best ideas and consists of approximately 30-40 names.
  • Typically fully invested by portfolio can have up to 10% cash.