We combine quantitatively driven tactical strategies based on real-time price movements with fundamentally managed portfolios. We believe the thoughtful combination of these two investment disciplines creates more broadly diversified and efficient portfolios for our clients.

In our experience, tactical strategies can be less correlated to broader traditional asset classes. This lower correlation is what helps to create more efficient portfolios consistent with Modern Portfolio Theory. We like to believe that we have enhanced MPT. The Braver Capital Tactical strategies provide focused risk control attributes that are otherwise lacking across traditional diversification methods.
These tools allow advisers to better manage their client portfolios.
We encourage you to explore the possibilities.



If you are seeking investment strategies or complete portfolio solutions to improve your clients' portfolios, we encourage you to explore what we have to offer by contacting us at info@bravercapital.com or (617) 559-3413.


Braver Strategies

Tactical Single Sleeve portfolios seek a wide range of investment performance outcomes, from Conservative to Very Aggressive.


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Our portfolio management team consists of traditionally trained PMs alongside engineers and mathematicians.


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Braver In the News, Research reports and Market Outlooks, as they apply to our strategies.

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